Our Clients Over The Years

Over the years our clients have included Fortune 500 companies such as Kodak, Visa, Visa – Asia Division, AT&T, Euro Card, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, CBS Network, NBC Network, Mars and Sons, Toshiba, MasterCard – South America Division, MasterCard International, 3M, KLM Sports Marketing, Coca-Cola, Siemens Corporation and VIP Groups and corporate clients that have included KNT Japan; Sportsmark, Cartan Tours, MorSport, Sportsworld Travel UK, Pepsi, Stella Barros, Abbey Tours, Ludus Tours, Kuoni Travel, DER Tours, Mundomex, Aristea Travel, Suseia, Thomas Cook, CIB Travel, Network Travel Australia, Tokyo Mercedes, the Belgian Olympic Committee as well as royalty, dignitaries, government ministers, heads of industries and top CEO executives from Sweden. Besides our corporate program we have supported sports families, friends of athletes and team travel.

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