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Corporate Sportsworld, Inc. has offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Tokyo, Japan. We are a fully licensed and bonded travel company that has operated in South Florida for over 35 years. We are members of IATA and ASTA for over 32 years and we work directly with the airlines for our groups and packages.

Our upper management have the combined experience of 85 years in the travel business and over 40 years in the sports travel industry. We have attended and worked at the previous 17 Olympic Games, the last 8 World Cups, beginning at 1986 World Cup in Mexico, and 8 European Championships since 1988 European Championships in Germany.

Over the years our clients have included Fortune 500 companies such as Kodak, Visa, Visa – Asia Division, AT&T, Euro Card, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, CBS Network, NBC Network, Mars and Sons, Toshiba, MasterCard – South America Division, MasterCard International, 3M, KLM Sports Marketing, Coca-Cola, Siemens Corporation and VIP Groups and corporate clients that have included KNT Japan, Sportsmark, Cartan Tours, MorSport, Sportsworld Travel UK, Pepsi, Stella Barros, Abbey Tours, Ludus Tours, Kuoni Travel, DERtour, Mundomex, Aristea Travel, Suseia, Thomas Cook, CIB Travel, Network Travel Australia, Tokyo Mercedes, the Belgian Olympic Committee as well as royalty, dignitaries, government ministers, heads of industries and top CEO executives from Sweden as well as members and former members of the UN. Besides our corporate program we have supported sports families, friends of athletes and team travel for NOCs on three different continents.


Howard has been involved in the travel and ticketing business in the USA and internationally for over 35 years. He has organized clients and specializes in sports tours for the past 16 Olympic Games, 8 World Cups and numerous world class sporting events around the world. During this time, he has worked with numerous TOP Olympic Games and FIFA Sponsors, coordinating their ticketing, travel and on-site requirements. He has formally accredited for NOC teams for Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney and Athens. Mr. Schwartz oversaw the running of the programs for nine Commonwealth Games Associations that are joint CGA’s and National Olympic Committees at the recent Games in Glasgow. In recent years, he has worked actively with many NOCs and CGAs to identify and understand their specific requirements for Rio 2016 and to put in place programs for sponsor acquisition and fulfilment to assist in the financing of these organizations and development of sport within their countries. He has the distinction of having flown over 5 million miles with American Airlines. As president of the company he personally oversees each and every program from inception to end.

LEE ROSENKRANZ – Project Manager, Marketing & PR

Mr. Rosenkranz established Florida Greeters in 1990 and has built the company into a multifaceted travel agency/tour operation providing subcontracted and consultancy operations on an inbound and outbound basis to corporate and leisure travelers. He is a Certified Travel Counselor which is designed for professional training through the Institute for Certified Travel Agents and a second generation travel agent and international Tour Guide. Having originally trained in journalism prior to entry into the travel industry, Mr. Rosenkranz will have a particular responsibility for coordinating marketing and PR in the territories in which Corporate Sportsworld will be most active, and will also be involved with the sales and coordination of international flight arrangements operated through the relevant IATA networks.

RON REFFETT – Director of Event Security

Mr. Reffett served with distinction in the Armed Forces of the USA, before transferring to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and subsequently into the Police Service, where he held many senior roles as Sheriff and Chief of Police. He now works as an Investigator for the Florida Public Defender’s Office. Mr. Reffett keeps both the international and domestic security situation worldwide under constant supervision, and to advise accordingly. By having his early involvement, we are taking action to ensure the safety and security of our clients, families of athletes and VIPs before, during and after travelling to an event.

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